LiveChat – Scale your support services the smart way.

LiveChat is a platform that allows customers to easily implement Live Chat onto their existing Digital Engagement channels like Mobile Apps, Web Apps/ Web site. Live Chat has a focus on simplicity, ease of use and extensibility using integrations.

LiveChat enables customers to engage their end-users with LiveChat solution integrated into the digital channels of apps and Web. This is one of the fastest and most effective way to interact with end customers across web and mobile.

Key Benefits – following are the high-level benefits of the LiveChat solution

  • Easy to integrate with the existing digital engagement channels Apps and Web
  • Easy to use for customer care agents as well as for end-users
  • More efficient than customer care calls
  • Very convenient channel for users
  • Lightning-fast self-service/ customer support
  • Convert visitors into buyers
  • Handle most cases in a touch – no emails or phone calls
  • Access to previous chats
  • Easier collaboration by including multiple customer care team members especially experts in a chat for faster and better resolutions
  • Collect feedback and ratings to improve customer satisfaction
  • Efficient customer care representative utilization as they can multi-task
  • And many more….

Available platforms for Care Agents

  • Log in to LiveChat system immediately and support your customers from any device, anytime
  • Stay in touch with visitors anywhere from mobile applications for iOS and Android or from web browsers
  • Desktop Apps

Available platforms for End-users

  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Web browsers

Key highlights of LiveChat –

  • The Trade Dressing and Branding Make the LiveChat appearance/ look & feel to match customer’s branding guidelines.
  • Queuing – Let your visitors know agent team is busy with an estimated wait time for LiveChat solution before they leave the Website or Mobile app frustrated.
  • Routing – Route chats faster across right teams and respond faster with creating and managing departments. Assign a chat request to the agent with the best availability, which is determined by the maximum concurrent chats of an agent and the total number of chats this agent is currently handling
  • LiveChat – Let your website visitors/ users or Mobile App users and end-users chat with your agent’s right from your website or app for any assistance.

LiveChat Agent Control – Customer care Agents can start/ stop supervising LiveChat sessions. Agents can chat/ engage with multiple customers. Following are few sample screens at the server side, shows how customer care agents can control/ supervise LiveChat sessions.

  • Customer Satisfaction Ratings – Get instant feedback about your team member performance right after every chat session with post chat customer satisfaction ratings.

Analytics Dashboard & Reports – The analytics platform provides various metrics such as chat volume, monitor agent productivity and many other metrics. LiveChat also provides hundreds of built-in reports.

Live Care Agent Controls

LiveChat detailed feature summary.

FeaturesFeature Description
ApplicationsA number of applications for web, desktop and mobile.
Canned responsesWith canned responses, you can recall pre-made messages with short tags and send them during chats.
Pre-chat & post-surveysGather valuable information at the beginning and at the end of each chat.
Ticket formReceive messages left on your LiveChat after hours as tickets.
Agent ratingYour visitors have the option to rate the agent that chatted with them.
Visitor detailsDetailed information on your visitors including name, e-mail, location, currently viewed page and more.
TransfersYou can place your LiveChat on multiple websites with no additional charge.
Chat taggingThe number of visitors you can monitor on your LiveChat at any given time.
File sharingAgents can transfer an ongoing chat to other agents when in a pinch or when expert advice is needed.
Smart chart routingIntelligent chat distribution between available agents.
Manual chat routingAll visitors accessing your chat will enter queue. Chats can be then picked up manually by agents.
Work schedulerSet the working hours for your agents to ensure smooth transitions between shifts.
Ticket managementAssign tickets to agents, keep track of the ongoing cases using the informative dashboard.
Tickets form chatCreate tickets during chats with customers and from archived conversations.
Tickets from emailForward emails to your LiveChat as tickets to handle your support in one place.
After-hours ticket formMessages left when you are offline will be automatically saved as tickets.
Ticket taggingGroup similar cases together and manage them more easily by tagging your tickets.
Automated follow-upsTo help you deal with pending tickets, a reminder is sent to the requester after 3 days of inactivity. After 7 days, the requester is notified that the ticket has been marked as resolved.
GoalsSet up business goals you want to reach over chat, like making a sale or signing up a new customer and see how many conversations end up with them.
Sales TrackerThe Sales tracker will add order information and value to a chat whenever it leads to a sale. This way you can measure how much value you’re getting out of LiveChat by going over chat Archives or the Sales Tracker report.
Daily SummaryA summary of agent’s activities that shows how well he or she is doing while chatting.
Livechat DashboardA rundown on the most important metrics from your LiveChat.
Accessing reports via APIUse LiveChat API to pull valuable information regarding your implementation.
Basic chat statisticsEssential information regarding your LiveChat like number of chats, availability and visitor satisfaction.
Ticket statisticsMeasure the effectiveness of your helpdesk and get a clear picture about your tickets.
Tag-based reportsYou can filter your chat and ticket reports to display data for a particular tag only.
Interactive reportsYou can click on datapoints in various reports to bring up related chats or tickets.
Group statisticsFilter your statistics by specific agent groups to see how particular departments are doing.
Staffing predictionSee how many agents you will need to efficiently staff your chat. Using past data, this report will estimate the optimal number of agents required to handle all your chats.
Agent activityThis report lets you know when your agents were available for chats during a particular day. The report keeps track of agents’ statuses and shows a graphical representation of their activity.
On-demand reportingYou can receive scheduled reports that would cover a particular aspect of your solution. The reports can be provided in CSV, TSV, XLS and other formats.
First response timeThis report provides information on the average amount of time it takes for an agent to reply to a new chat.
Average response timeSee how long it takes for your agents to reply to a message in an ongoing chat. This report is a good indication of the efficiency of your customer service representatives.
Chat window transactions/ LocalizationThe LiveChat chat window has been translated into 45 languages.
Language selectionYou can let customers choose their preferred chat language at the beginning of each chat.
Right-to-left supportLiveChat window offers native support for right-to-left languages, like Arabic and Hebrew.
ThemesChoose one of the available chat window themes to make it fit with your website’s design.
Custom logo in chat windowYou can brand your chat window by uploading your company’s logo.
Chat buttonsChoose from a set of pre-made chat buttons or upload a custom graphic to get even more chats.
White label/ RebrandingThe application undergoes branding
Multi-brand customizationIf you are using LiveChat on multiple websites, you can customize the look for each site separately.
SupervisionOngoing chats can be supervised to train new agents and ensure the best chat quality.
Agent rolesYou can assign administrative privileges to certain users only.
Group organizationDivide your LiveChat agents into teams responsible for particular branches of your business.
Inactivity timeout configurationWhen an agent is not responding in a conversation, LiveChat can automatically transfer the chat to another agent. To keep your chat flow steady, you can choose the amount of time after which the chat will be transferred.
AddonsWe have a number of 3rd party apps available for use with LiveChat ranging from CRMs and e-commerce platforms to help desk software.
Social mediaUseful social media integrations that will help you grow and nurture your fan base.
APIsYou can pull and feed various data to your LiveChat via the LiveChat API, which allows for creation of custom integrations.
NotificationsFramework for creation of custom notifications for your own integrations.
Chat historyReview your chat history and search for specific conversations.
Email transcriptsYour visitors can receive emails with chat transcripts if they wish to review their conversations.

Licensing and Pricing.

  • There are three types of licenses offered
    • Starter – Starter license, suitable for very smaller organizations, traffic tracking up to 100 users. It’s billed $16 per month per agent billed annually
    • Team – Standard license, suitable for smaller organizations, traffic tracking up to 400 users. It’s billed $33 per month per agent billed annually
    • Business – Advanced license, suitable for larger organizations with few advanced capabilities, traffic tracking up to 1000 users. It’s billed $50 per month per agent billed annually


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